Will I ever work for the same company for 17 years

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A role model of mine recently celebrated his 17 year anniversary at his company. This has led me to wonder if I will ever last that long in one company.

The modern employee is not loyal, driven by a sense of self-gratification – so the research tells us. I often laugh at my granny when she worries that I must stay at the same company and be loyal. I want to be judged on my output within my current role and not the hours that I dedicate to one company. I treasure opportunity for a challenge over the blind loyalty. That being said I immerse myself fully into the brand and try live and breath the values of the company.

Will I ever work for a company for 17 years? I guess so, if my personal brand counts. I see myself as an entity and will bring the same energy to any role that I contribute towards. I am a brand on my own and will need my own  brand rules, ethics and promises.

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