Why Menlyn @Renault_SA called me on my birthday

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My DusterI recently bought a brand new white Renault Duster. By no means is this the most expensive car in the world, it is actually the entry level model with no bells or whistles. Despite the affordability of the car, the service that I received from Renault Menlyn was and still is outstanding.

I have a confession, I really don’t care about cars. I know that men should all be petrol-heads, but that stereotype has no truth with me.

When I applied for university I was told that I could choose between a car and going to res at Tuks, I chose res. Months later my parents felt sorry for me and bought me a 1969 VW Beetle, the perfect student car. I still remember the times that we had to cram people in to go anywhere and the countless times I ran out of petrol because the gauge didn’t work. On one such occasion, the petrol ran out three streets away at 3am. Instead of calling anyone I pushed the car to the side of the road and walked home. My mother called me the next morning to ask why my car was in King Street.

When my older brother bought a car I was given a Nissan Sentra to drive around in. It was a bit more luxury, but was broken into six times within the space of four years. I could also not go get petrol without every attendant begging me to sell the car to him/her. There was a reason for this, it was a very good car.

The point I am trying to make is that cars have been more functional than anything else to me. I had known for a while that it was time for me to get a new car. I originally wanted a Jimny, I mean why wouldn’t you? I test drove a silver Suzuki Jimny with its tiny engine that was more like a hamster on a wheel than the usual petrol and pistons and I really liked it. The problem is that it was too small and the reviews I read pointed out that driving long distances with it could be likened to Chinese water torture. This wasn’t the car for me.

I turned my attention to the Renault Duster. The 2×4 SUV comes at a reasonable price and has a ground clearance that ensure that my lack of off-roading skills are well hidden. I remember going away for the weekend in my wife’s Polo and scrapping every flippen rock in Dullstroom. This would definitely not happen in a Duster. From the second I walked into Renault Menlyn I was given great service by the team, especially by salesman Robert Freemantle. He arranged everything for me and after sitting in the car and then the test drive without any fuss. So I bought it and I flippen loved it from the get go. I even got gift basket with all this random stuff.

It is now months later. I have taken my Duster off-road three times, one of the occasions was a pretty serious off-road track to a chalet in a reserve. The Duster simply laughs at the rocks that the Polo used to befriend. The guys at Menlyn Renault could have left it there, but instead they chose to call and sms on my birthday a few days ago. I know everyone tries to form an opinion on French cars without having ever driven one but I can honestly say that if you are looking for a pretty cool affordable car, go check out Menlyn Renault and ask for Robert. It really is worth a look.

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