Vodacom just treated me to a great customer service experience

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Customer service is tough. It is a very demotivated industry to work in when you hear the gripes, but don’t get the compliments. I thought I would take the time to tell you about the fantastic experience I had with Vodacom.

It all starts with a piece of leather. When my Samsung S4 was stolen, I was captivated by the promise of a leather backed LG G4 that was launched overseas, not yet in South Africa. I claimed from insurance and thought it may beneficial to get the G3 to prepare myself for the G4 when my upgrade rolled around. I really love my phone, still do. I was then due for an upgrade on 31 December 2015, actual date – I’m not rounding up. The problem with the G4 at that time was the allure of the G5 launching soon. Surely that would be a better phone. Long story short, it isn’t. One look at the LG g5 in real life made me turn my attention to the, far superior, Samsung S7.

I tried to do my upgrade online, but wasn’t able to log in to my online account although I had been able to before. I tend to deal with companies on Twitter these days. Much easier then have to frustrate myself on a telephone call. So I tweeted Vodacom and got a call back from Jabulile, who explained that they are changing systems and I was an unlucky victim of the change process. Throughout all of this a colleague overheard what was going on. Weirdly enough, he is the ex Team Leader of the Vodacom Social Care team. He got involved and, although it took a few days longer than I anticipated, I arrived at work to find my new phone waiting for me.

Things like this make me smile… Congrats to Jabu (I can shorten your name because I feel like we are friends now) and the rest of the team.

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