Time to say goodbye to Mud Island

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It’s nearly six years and a month to the day from when I last flew home out of Heathrow. I was really privileged to spend the last ten days frolicking in the mediocre weather of London and surrounds. I think the thing I liked the most was that I really had a mixed itinerary while I was here, from a rock concerts to a marathon, from great work meetings to pubs. 

So much has changed from the last time I was in the United Kingdom. The things I found most remarkable about London this time around were:

  1. With healthy food shops becoming the norm, it’s becoming increasing difficult to eat unhealthily. This extends as far as cool drinks in the shops – expect to pay more for regular cokes
  2. Cash is somewhat foreign. I carried cash with me, which surprised shopkeepers and bartenders. Everyone basically only uses tap and go cards and phones. If you visit, take a card because it’s easier than cash.
  3. The people are cynical. The general vibe I got with everyone is that they are unapologetically pissed off with things like Brexit and plastic usage. They just want to get on with life and they are a bit tired of politicians, pollution and bullshit.

I will be writing a full piece, but for now I just want to say I am home safe. Thanks to Lizzy, Phil and the whole gang for having me.

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