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The fees must fall debacle highlights a very serious problem with South African thinking, everything we do is done in isolation without a bigger picture.

Without diving into the noise that is #feesmustfall, there is a real need for the bigger picture in South Africa. Economists would argue that there may be enough money in the piggy bank to fund tertiary education in South Africa, but is there anyone at the top telling us if it’s the right approach? It’s clear to me that there is no clear cut strategy on taking the country forward, much like the Springbok approach to scoring tries. Instead, we take every problem as they come and try our darndest to resolve them without pissing off too many people. Can we not see that the sinking rand, pissed off students, severe losses in SOEs and allegations of corruption across all levels of government are all sort of ailments of a bigger problem? Look, I’m not taking sides and pointing fingers but something has to change.

I think we, as a country, need to face facts – until we address the biggest problems first, there can be no growth. I won’t bore you with the problems but the one that stands out is inequality, particularly economically. What the okes at the top need to do is sit with a big board and order the problems with a big marker! By doing this, we can help the larger population and concentrate on what’s really important. The greater good, they call it. Zuma’s 9 point plan addressing some of the main areas needed in development, but I can’t (neither can he) remember with full confidence what all the points are off the top of my head. If these points are so important to the future of the country where I’d like to raise kids, shouldn’t everyone know them by heart or at least be able to sort of know them (like the words to We didn’t start the fire by Billy Joel).

I will be unpacking this throughout the course of the upcoming months and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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