Things that excite me from the Google event

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Android updates excite me. I’m a fan of the platform and have been for some time. I don’t want to get into the nasty debate about iOS and Android, frankly it has been overdone. I like them both, but Android is my preference.

I back the Android team to make improvements that will benefit me as a user. They will make things slicker and easier to use.

I think the new platform will be better, but as with previous updates, some apps may need to be tweaked to ensure that they don’t crash with Marshmallow.


I bought a Chromecast from Takealot a few weeks back, so excuse me for not jumping with joy for the new Chromecast. The thing that really got my interest ticking over is the Chromecast Audio.

Google claim you can plug a small puck-shaped gizmo into old speakers and they will be magically transformed into wireless speakers. Whether this is as simple as sold is yet to be scene, but this may shake up the industry a bit.

For many, the choices are very limited for wireless music solutions. In South Africa Sonos and Bose are too expensive and LG Music Flow is yet to prove its mettle. If Chromecast Audio can fit into existing set ups then they stand a chance to succeed over solutions that require an expensive start-up cost.

Let me throw a disclaimer out there, I will only become a customer when Google Play Music is available in South Africa. Watch this space.


The Pixel C is the answer to Microsoft’s Surface. It’s a tablet with a keyboard thingy that turns it into a laptop-type abomination.

In theory it is very cool, but in a world that has not sufficiently blurred the lines between laptop and tablet, it does not draw the fans that it really should.

The thing that excites me about this is, although they are a few years behind Microsoft, they are quite comfortable to move into the hardware business.

Let me know what you think about Google’s announcements and, if you work for Google, when Play Music is coming to SA!

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