Things I overhear when sitting next to the Parlotones

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My company has changed offices and I have ditched my brilliant train rides for long drives on the N1 from Pretoria to Joburg, yuck. Instead of sitting in traffic, I choose sanity and go in early to gym in Joburg with a friend of mine. This morning, I decided to have breakfast and found myself eavesdropping on the Parlotones.

To be fair, I didn’t know it was the Parlotones at first. I thought that the group of guys were merely regular joes, they were certainly dressed that way. It was only when my coffee arrived that I realised that I was sitting next to Kahn Morbee, lead singer of the tones. Now, I’m not a big fan or even a regular fan. I did like that one song, but that’s beside the point. When I realised who they were, I caught pieces of their conversation and they were discussing banks and service providers.

I’ve said that brands are in an unfortunate position when dealing with guys like the Parlotones, because the band members command huge influence and a call center agent has no way of realising that. Should they have a bad experience, these guys could do a world of damage to the brand on social media. I wanted to stop and chat to them, but that would’ve been creepy. Instead I listened to them as they bad mouthed some of South Africa’s banking and telecommunication brands, the same way everyone else does.

The point I’m trying to identify is a need for a social CRM in the organisation. Service departments should have access to see the complete customer, including their social influence. When a celeb calls, there should be a notification saying ‘SHARPEN UP’. I know what you are thinking, this is against that whole POPPI thing and you are only partially correct in my opinion. Twitter, unless tweaked, is an open platform and allows for public access. Facebook is a bit trickier, but it’s meant for your friends and not huge follower bases. Why can’t we link this info to the info we have on CRM. The  problem is there is some manual work to be done.

I’d like to open this up for discussion. If you are a brand, have you been able to implement and use a social CRM system within your organisation. Chat to me.

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