The thing that is irritating me about Facebook’s content policy

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Facebook has recently updated its content policy to make life a bit clearer on what can and can’t be posted. Despite clearing this up, Facebook at the moment feels like afternoon television – full of infomercials.

Facebook has a whole bunch of policies and algorithms that, they claim, put content as the king of everything on the social media. That means that Facebook looks at what you are posting and basically gives it a ranking, the higher ranking content gets more exposure on timelines. Things that can influence this is,

  • Rich media (pics and videos) in the posts
  • Websites linked
  • Tagging friends, etc

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, Facebook is judging what you are posting. Facebook feel that imposing these rules will make your experience better by offering, what they deem, the best possible content. This means that if your friend shares a status about a charity, you might not see it. You might also see that posts don’t really follow a logical timeline. We’ve known this for some time, but lately I have noticed a trend.

If you go onto Facebook at the moment, you will come across a whole bunch of posts being shared that look like infomercials. The headlines are all along the lines of “This woman ate a crocodile and you won’t believe what happened next”. You’re right, I didn’t believe what happened next, but I would expect this in a tabloid show or the daily sun, not a social network where I go to see what my friends are doing.

But wait, there’s more. When you actually go to the link it’s never on one page, its split over three. This means that the owner of the page, who is getting all these shares, is increasing his page views and exposure to all the Google ads on his page – this is where he makes his money.

Facebook needs to rethink the content strategy and look further than stopping pics of asses. We want a human experience and not one that we can get on SABC’s afternoon television line up.

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