The @theGautrain bus drivers might be back to work, but still issues

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Gautrain bus drivers went on an illegal strike for the past few days. I would just like to emphasise the word illegal.

Commuters arrived at stations last week Thursday to notices and employees at station  yelling over microphones and loudhailers. Granted they apologised, but this did very little for people (like me) who rely on a combination of the train and bus to get to my finally destination.

So you’re at your departure station and you hear the bus on the other end is not available. What do you do? There was no chance that I would drive in and be late and grumpy so I took the train. When I arrived at Sandton I arranged for an Uber X taxi to come pick me up and take me to Randburg. Expensive but effective.

I was glad to hear that the bus drivers would be back at work today, but as I got near the bus I saw this line. Not ideal, but what can you do? If you deal with a company that sees crisis management as someone yelling over a loud hailer while their social media team selectively replies to tweets, you grow to expect it.

Gautrain Bus

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