The Dress Code conundrum

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Since moving jobs just over a year ago I still find myself struggling to adapt to the vague dress code.

I come from a banking environment where I would often feel guilty for not wearing a suit every day. Ties were standard and racy footwear for a guy was a square toe. I often would hide in the kitchen to avoid the global head of banking when I was wearing coloured socks.

Now I find myself in a technology company where the dress code is a very casual. One day I made a comment about someone in ripped jeans and a rock n roll shirt. The general reply was at least they weren’t wearing shorts. I’m sure I saw someone wear shorts the next day.

For me, I feel a bit that there is no real distinction from work and life in general. Many would argue that it’s the point of these flexible dress codes. I guess the goal is to be semi-casual.

Last week I realised that I have formal and casual clothes but nothing inbetween, especially shoes. I have leather “work” shoes and All Stars, which are too casual for work. I recently bought a pair of Vellies from Woolies, but I’m undecided on them. My new find is Vans, the skater shoes. To me, they are casual but cool and look a bit tidier than All Stars.

What do you think of them?

Although it may take some getting used to, my tie collection still calls to me every day L.

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