Print a television… soon you will be able to

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Up until now we have seen some rather useless things being printed using 3d printing, apart from those organs they were printing on Grey’s Anatomy and that oke who printed a gun… that was weird. As we look to the future, 3d printing needs to be functional in order to be truly world changing. A company might just make that happen.

Voxel8 are a company that are able to print using conductive ink and allows for parts to be integrated into the circuit as it gets printed. I won’t go into details about how this happens, rather watch the video below.

Let’s fast forward to the future, imagine printing your own appliances. Stores will no longer need to keep inventories, but rather be equipped with large 3d printers. They can buy the rights to print products from major brands that will sell the rights to distribution and the 3d plans. Consumers will be able to have their product printed on the spot and could choose colour etc. This could, in essence, lower operating costs and overheads for stores and entice entrepreneurship.

The challenge with 3d printing will no longer be what can be made, but rather what your imagination allows for.

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