Pretoria’s obsession with a market

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Pretoria has a new obsession, weekend markets. Artisan markets seem to be sprouting up everywhere. Here are a few that I am enjoying.

  1. Irene Market (Irene)
  2. Hazel Food Market (Menlo Park)
  3. Market on Main Pretoria (CBD)
  4. Moreleta Village Market (Moreleta Park)
  5. Serene Market (Menlyn)
  6. Capital Urban Market (Menlyn)
  7. The Stall (Southdowns)

These cool markets indicate a few things to me.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise – More and more citizen are taking to the markets to sell their wares as a side project.

More vendors are needed to meet the demand – There are only two days in a weekend. As the number of markets increase, so too must the number of vendors to meet the demand.

A need for creativity – All the markets seem to be relatively the same thing, throw some gazebos onto a patch of grass. Well there’s nothing wrong this, we need something different in the capital city.

What about a huge screen with a drive in movie? What about a market in a closed-off street near Hillside tavern? I challenge organisers to do something different, Pretoria deserves it.

Follow on industries need to be established – If we look at our big brother city to the South, Johannesburg, we can take a few lessons. I am referring to Neighbourgoods and the area of Braamfontein. Although not the first attraction in the suburb of the city centre, Neighbourgoods played a vital role in drawing in a new, diverse crowd and promoted new restaurants and bars to open.

Pretoria is a diverse city, yearning for something new and cool. Residents, get to your local market and if you have something to offer – sell it.

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