I was recently asked to be a backup speaker at the Client Experience Management conference in August. I didn’t get a chance to speak, but I did get a bottle of wine from the experience – so that’s nice. I didn’t want my content to go to waste, so I thought I would blog about it. My topic was called “Have you told the call centre?” and it was a challenge to current thinking about partnering with call centres within the organisation.  The creative process …Continue Reading “Have you told the call centre?”

I take the Gautrain to work in Sandton every day. Every morning Eloise, my wife, drops me off at Hatfield station and I try my best to avoid all human contact until I get into the office. Every now and again I need to take an uber from the station to get home and I am infuriated with the lack of balls from the gang at the Gautrain.   A few months ago I was waiting for Eloise to pick me up in the afternoon…Continue Reading “The ongoing tale of the Gautrain and the metered taxi drivers”

Marathon runners consider there to be six major marathons, namely Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York and Tokyo. I’m not happy with this list for two reasons, The Medihelp Sunrise Monster is not on that list and it’s a son of a bitch Three of the races are in America and I think we need to give one to Africa. I mean Chicago, what the heck? Why not the Cape Town Marathon or the Kilimanjaro? Regardless of my feelings, the running cult..I mean community take…Continue Reading “5 things I learnt training for a major marathon”

It’s nearly six years and a month to the day from when I last flew home out of Heathrow. I was really privileged to spend the last ten days frolicking in the mediocre weather of London and surrounds. I think the thing I liked the most was that I really had a mixed itinerary while I was here, from a rock concerts to a marathon, from great work meetings to pubs.  So much has changed from the last time I was in the United Kingdom….Continue Reading “Time to say goodbye to Mud Island”