My review of Roco Mammas, Irene Mall

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The first time I ever went to a Roco Mammas was a few months ago on a rainy day in Rivonia. I was immediately impressed by the concept of the restaurant. It sounds cliché, but the combination of burgers and craft beers are in right now. After hearing that a Roco Mammas had opened at Irene Mall, I couldn’t help myself but pay a visit.

Roco Mamas on the left hand side of the open area at the centre of the mall where the Ben Sherman shop used to be. The open area of the mall is becoming the ideal location for restaurants and is quite vibey with establishments like Karoo and Ocean Basket, either by design or pure fluke. We were offered a seat inside but the music was a bit loud (my gosh I am getting old). We tried to leave, but the host offered us an outside table if we were willing to wait. I’m glad we did, because outside was really cool.

First thing first, they don’t have a liquor licence so no beers. Instead, we had an Oreo and a peanut butter milkshake. The burgers were great and the fries were really too much for one person, even after being warned off the medium size by our waiter.

My impression of the restaurant was pretty good overall. The food was really good and the staff were friendly and well trained. I think that it will be a good contender for anyone wanting a real burger in Centurion, seeing Ed’s Diner has just opened on John Vorster. My only complaint is that it really doesn’t live up to the Rivonia restaurant that I had my first Roco Mammas experience at (and that was on a rainy day).

Roco Mammas


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