My favourite spot in the world

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\When I moved in with my girlfriend, who later became my wife, we literally only had a bed and a TV. We moved into an old house in Irene with wooden floors and a massive garden with a swimming pool in the corner. Best of all, we really got this rental property at a steal. It may sound like the dream, but the house had these massive rooms that we could never seem to fill. For weeks before the big day we went around picking out furniture, bedding and things that we thought would fit into our amalgamation of styles. Looking back now, some of the stuff we bought was a bit gauwdie but the rest was really great. The best thing that we ever bought was a brown corduroy corner unit from Mr Price.

When Eloise first pointed the sofa to me, I really questioned my attraction to her. It was quite unremarkable. When she explained her bigger vision for the couch, it made a bit more sense and I thought that it was worth a go. On the day that we moved in, the sofa arrived in a big truck along with a bunch of other furniture that we had bought. Just as the truck pulled up, Eloise’s parents arrived with a bottle of wine. We thought it was a nice gesture, but while we were removing the packing material from all the stuff, her parents sat quite happily on our sofa, drinking wine.

It is really a great sofa. She lies to the one side and I lie to the other. As corny as it sounds, it is a place of solitude. For us, coming home comes with knowing that we have the chance to lie next to each other and reconnect on some wood, foam and brown corduroy. Despite the world’s issues, I know that if we have problems we will always be okay if we are ease with one another and enjoy each other’s company. The sofa is a vehicle for that. It is by far my favourite spot in the world an, luckily,  the colour grew on me.

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