Microsoft launches excite me, but they may have missed the boat as a mobile brand

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Last week, Microsoft announced their Continuum functionality on Microsoft 10 phones which could be a real game changer for the businessman on the run. I must emphasise the words could be and add the disclaimer – probably won’t be, because I get the feeling that the brand has missed the boat in terms of mobile and must now swim frantically to keep up.

Microsoft is a technology giant, always has and always will be. Just as the giant in Jack & the Beanstalk, it seems that they have been in a deep slumber while allowing others to steal their gold. The world has turned to mobile and the only two names that matter are Apple and Android. Microsoft doesn’t even get a thought. Users have already declared their loyalty to an operating system and it will take a miracle for them to change. Microsoft can launch all the cool things that they wish, if people aren’t buying the mobile phones then it is all in vain.

Back to Continuum. Continuum allows users to turn any screen into their PC with their Windows 10 phone. Imagine those old PC towers have shrunk into your mobile device. What this means is that you can have your “PC” with you anywhere you go. This, in my humble opinion, is what the modern businessman wants. Gone are the days of lugging your laptop home. Instead, share your phone onto your home PC and work from there.

There are, however, two glaring issues with this.

1. This will need the user to be fully invested in the Microsoft environment to make full use of the service. I am already invested in Google’s, so I’m not sure I have the energy to get into another

2. The service and the idea is very easily to replicate. Google announced that they will now be producing Chrome Sticks that turn any TV into a Chromebook. The next logical step is to improve screen mirroring into turning a PC into a Chromebook experience.

I like Microsoft, hell I even like Bill Gates, but it may be too little too late. For now, they must keep on churning out cool stuff for existing devices such as the laptops I already own. I really have no intention of buying new computers, so they shouldn’t assume that I will want a new PC, even if the features are  mind boggling.

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