I love Manchester United, but I’m tired of defending them

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I have been a supporter of the Red Devils for as long as I can remember, but I’m just tired of defending them and their style of play.

I try avoid writing about soccer. In the past it made me come across as all superior, but these days I come across as a whinger. Well let me whinge away for a few seconds. Manchester United are a really great team, but on solid foundations set by an abusive Scot. If that’s not appealing then I don’t know what is. That Scot then passed the proverbial torch to a delicate thistle of a Scotsman, which led to him getting sacked. We then turned to the Dutch and that hasn’t fared too much better.

I love the United of old. The Keane slide-tackling, Giggs attacking style of football. As with many things in life, it starts with a good structure and I feel that United’s is a bit too Spanish for my liking. I mean, I saw more structure that time Daniel De Vos tried to steal a box of sweets from the Irene tuckshop and the box was knocked out of his hands to the delight of the scavenging kids snarling for a piece of Candy.

I love United, always have and always will, but can you guys make it half enjoyable to watch again? That’s all I ask.

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