How I failed my weekend plans

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I had huge plans this weekend and failed every single one.

Here is my list

  • Go for Friday drinks and a burger

My wife and I were knackered so we got take aways and chilled on the couch.

  • Run my first half marathon (21km)

I bought some new shoes for my big race and had everything packed out for an early morning. Race started at 06:00 and I only woke up at 06:17… Needless to say I missed the race and left my friend, Xander, to run the race on his own.

  • Go to Market@Sheds in PTA central

Time didn’t allow for this and instead I tried my hand at DIY.

  • Go to Vinyl fair in Kramerville

I knew that Saturday night was going to get out of hand, so while at the bottle store I bought a herbal remedy to combat hang overs. Naturally, I had the biggest hang over of my life on Sunday, having not drank that much.

There’s always next weekend.

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