Have the Bulls marked their intent?

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We were promised a different brand of rugby, more running and more dynamic, but it feels like the Blue Bulls are haunted by the class of 2010. What I saw on Saturday worried me and I think that the Blue Bulls might be in for a long season.

I picked up on rugby later in life, Matric to be precise. Since then I have celebrated a successful career, having played two games for Taaibos Manskoshuis Onder 20. I’ve since picked up on the passion and the gees that surrounds Loftus and the Blue Bulls fans.

Last Saturday though, we saw the same brand of rugby that we have seen since 2009 and it really didn’t work against a formidable Stormers team.

I don’t like to get too much into rugby like every Tom, Dick and Harry, but I think we need something new. The reason that the class of 2009 and 2010 did so well with their smash and kick rugby was, in my humble opinion, they had the best individuals to play that rugby. With the youngsters that are coming into the Bulls setup, and there are alot, let them play their own game instead of smash them into a mould that isn’t working at this stage.

Burger Odendaal.489347f2One last question, what is that thing in Burger Odendaal’s hair?

Good luck for today boys, let’s hope it goes better.


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