Five reasons why I’m dreading Trevor Noah on the Daily Show

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  1. Jon Stewart is, in my mind, irreplaceable. Springsteen was the musical guest on his last show, now that’s pure class.
  2. Trevor Noah is going to play the South African card often. As a South African, it will get old quite quickly.
  3. If Americans really know what South Africa is like, we may lose our mystique. I’m very happy that Yanks think we have Lions running around (I don’t mean Elton and the gang).
  4. My prediction is that Trevor will have a tough time balancing  comedy and journalism, while still getting ratings. Jon Stewart was really good at this and made it look easier than it really is.
  5. South Africa humour is very unique. If Trevor doesn’t appeal to a global audience he will not be in the chair for long. We’ve seen that OSN has already dropped the show because they predict it will be a flop.

I’m not putting Trevor down, I really like him. I wish him only the best.

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