Fitness will be a buzzword in 2015

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Fitness will definitely be a buzzword in 2015, but will it be followed up by actually getting fit or merely sharing pictures of cool trainers that you saw in a shop?

January is always a tough month. We seem to take an introspective look at ourselves and realise, holy shit what happened to my body. We then make absurd promises to run, jump and lift things knowing all too well that we will never do it. All of this in some attempt to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club and well any other movie. I am one of those people, but the relationship that I have with junk food will always be an obstacle in my  endeavours to look like a Greek god.

There is something aspiration about being fit, but more importantly telling people about it. I once heard someone say that doing Crossfit doesn’t count unless you tell people about it. Don’t get me wrong I like Crossfit, I was once an avid FitCrosser. The thing I find interesting is the way we communicate it, more bark than bite. Talking about being fit, doesn’t necessarily make you fit.

As we live a more connected life we no longer seem to trust that we are fit by the way that we feel, we need technological justification that we are. We need that fancy FitBit thingy around our wrists congratulating us for walking our 10,000 steps in a day. I know that I feel a great deal of satisfaction when the notification on my Samsung S4 appears to reassure me that I have made my daily quota of steps, the same as it did yesterday when I walked exactly the same route. Why do I need to share that information? Rocky didn’t run home and tell Adrian how many steps he ran in that grey hoody. If he did, she might not have understood his slurs due to numerous beatings to the head. Possibly a silly example. The companies that are producing these devices are making money out of the consumer’s insecurities… smart move.

Watch out for fitness in 2015, but don’t convince yourself that talking about it will get you a six pack.

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