Does your company have an internal communication strategy? It will soon

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The forced isolation that we had to deal with in the wake of the Corona outbreak may force many companies’ hands in establishing a robust internal communication strategy (with a chapter on working from home).

A few months ago we started working on an internal communication strategy for a young division that services multiple geographies. One of the main problems that we could articulate was that everything was done by email, from important learnings to a birthday message. I proposed building a framework that included multiple channels and priorities. The ultimate goal is that the framework becomes the norm and becomes intertwined in the culture of our division. 

As we worked through understanding and scoping, we unearthed the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland – the more we digged, the deeper it got. One of the quick wins was to roll out an instant messaging app for short conversations on the go. 

Here we are a few months later, with staff scattered across multiple locations in an effort to decentralise the risk of infection. My boss tells me today that the ‘new’ implementation of Microsoft Teams has been really great, he sounded a bit surprised. 

We’re nowhere near the bottom of the rabbit hole and I would happily keep everyone in the loop of our findings. One of the key realisations in this time of working through panic is that if your company doesn’t have a plan to communicate, regardless of where the employees are you will be in trouble. This is 2020 after all – unnecessary office-bound requirements are lame.