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Having been an avid sportsman for most of my life, I’ve learned that learning the basics is the basis of not looking like a complete idiot. I’ve played a spot of football and I suffer from a condition where I think I am infinitely better than I am, but I was taught the basics and so I am not a complete plonker on the field. Your customer care basics need to be sound so you can take the first step to serving your customer, regardless of the channel or method.

Customer care is crucial to the success of your business. To me, it’s one of the most easily influenceable touch points that your company has at its disposal. Why spend a shit ton in marketing when you are overlooking the guys talking to your customers day in and day out? They should be talking the same language and tasked with conveying the same messages and feelings to the customers and potential customers. This ideal-world scenario is possible if the agents talking to customers have the basics.

Here are a few basics for agents.

  1. Know your stuff – dogs smell fear, customers smell bullshit
  2. Know what the customer wants (this includes being on a channel the customer wants to talk to you on) and want the business needs from the customer
  3. Be human, talk to the customer in the same way you’d talk to people you’d usually talk to
  4. Manage the perception of the customer
  5. Always look to make a plan, fast

If you get these things right in your contact centre, you will be able to set a baseline level of service – regardless of the industry, channel you talk to customers on or LSM of customer.

These are some of the basics that I truly believe in. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of my thoughts on Customer Care and what we can expect to see in the future of South African consumers and the steps we can take to service these.

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