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I love technology, it really is something that I have a real inkling towards. What better way to celebrate this love than to write all about it.

I first heard of Chromecast a few years back, but it was only when I started my new job that I started to understand it. Chromecast, put simply, allows you to “cast” video from your phone to your TV. It is a small dongle that plugs into an HDMI slot and is USB powered, so atheistically it ticks all the boxes because there are no annoying wires to worry about.

The Chromecast service is quite cool. It even impressed my wife, who usually judges my techie gadgets. I mostly use Plex on Chromecast, but that’s another post for next week. It basically allows me to pull video from my iMac upstairs, through my phone to the TV – all through the wifi. Youtube also works great, I really enjoy having the ability to put on a playlist on the TV and sitting back.

My real disappointment comes with Google’s Play Music. I love the app for playing music stored on my phone. I don’t even mind that the full streaming service isn’t available in SA, it’s that good of an app. The thing that irritates me is that I can seem to get cast music from my phone to the TV. If Google get this right, I’d be very happy.

As for the price, at the time of writing this piece, the Chromcast is R538 on Takealot, which is a reasonable price for connecting your TV. I will have to say that I recommend the Chromecast on the condition you have a fast internet speed and the intention to work on Youtube.

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