The forced isolation that we had to deal with in the wake of the Corona outbreak may force many companies’ hands in establishing a robust internal communication strategy (with a chapter on working from home). A few months ago we started working on an internal communication strategy for a young division that services multiple geographies. One of the main problems that we could articulate was that everything was done by email, from important learnings to a birthday message. I proposed building a framework that included…Continue Reading “Does your company have an internal communication strategy? It will soon”

The modern workplace is a tricky thing. I think much gets said about the changing workforce, the good ol’ millennial discussion, but not much gets discussed about how the workplace has changed and how this impacts advancement and satisfaction.  I hear it all the time “My job description means nothing, I do so much” The modern workplace requires an individual to go over and above their nine to five. Some organisations go as far as to incentivise it, calling it stretch. I’ve often been asked…Continue Reading “The problem is on the paper”

I was recently asked to be a backup speaker at the Client Experience Management conference in August. I didn’t get a chance to speak, but I did get a bottle of wine from the experience – so that’s nice. I didn’t want my content to go to waste, so I thought I would blog about it. My topic was called “Have you told the call centre?” and it was a challenge to current thinking about partnering with call centres within the organisation.  The creative process …Continue Reading “Have you told the call centre?”

I did a piece on the basis of customer care, it’s here in case you missed it. I want to touch on the way that your customer care talks to the customers they service. Again, if we are not able to get the basics right we can’t expect to give great customer experiences. I’ve noticed a significant change in the way that customers expect to be spoken to. I attribute this to the growth of instances messaging. In the past, customers could send long winded…Continue Reading “The change in tone in customer care”

Having been an avid sportsman for most of my life, I’ve learned that learning the basics is the basis of not looking like a complete idiot. I’ve played a spot of football and I suffer from a condition where I think I am infinitely better than I am, but I was taught the basics and so I am not a complete plonker on the field. Your customer care basics need to be sound so you can take the first step to serving your customer, regardless…Continue Reading “Customer care – get the basics right”