I take the Gautrain to work in Sandton every day. Every morning Eloise, my wife, drops me off at Hatfield station and I try my best to avoid all human contact until I get into the office. Every now and again I need to take an uber from the station to get home and I am infuriated with the lack of balls from the gang at the Gautrain.   A few months ago I was waiting for Eloise to pick me up in the afternoon…Continue Reading “The ongoing tale of the Gautrain and the metered taxi drivers”

The first time I ever went to a Roco Mammas was a few months ago on a rainy day in Rivonia. I was immediately impressed by the concept of the restaurant. It sounds clichĂ©, but the combination of burgers and craft beers are in right now. After hearing that a Roco Mammas had opened at Irene Mall, I couldn’t help myself but pay a visit. Roco Mamas on the left hand side of the open area at the centre of the mall where the Ben…Continue Reading “My review of Roco Mammas, Irene Mall”