I’ve started a side project that could lead to bigger things. It’s really simple, I want you to share your stories (scandalous or not) from your matric vacation.  They, can’t reveal my sources, reckon that 200,000 youngsters go on holiday after finishing their matric exams. You can imagine the chaos! Chaos brings stories and that’s what I’m after. If you have any stories or know of anything funny that your friends got up to on their matric vac, please visit the site and spill the…Continue Reading “Support and spill”

It’s safe to say that I won’t miss 2019, but the lessons I learned will stick with me forever.  It’s strange, if you had asked me how the year was going in May I would have told you that it was amazing. At the end of April I had just finished the London marathon and raised over R30k for the South African Depression and Anxiety group.  The second half of the year was more difficult. I went back to playing hockey and had a disappointing…Continue Reading “2019 – a review”