Born in the year that saw George Michael top the Billboard charts with his hit ‘Faith’, I am a young dynamic emissary of the modern workplace and a victim of the conflict between creative and corporate “suit”.  A careful cynic, but an optimistic realist

My business passion lies in strategy and aligning brand identity (and all the great brand building that goes into it) with customer service, especially through electronic platforms. I am risk adverse, but willing to dive head first into situations. I aspire to be an expert in everything I do.

In my personal capacity, I am a lover of guitars, shoes, gadgets and all things Eloise (my indescribably amazing wife). An aspiring writer and song writer, but this is just a pipedream because I will never write a song that could hold a candle to Bruce Springsteen.

When I’m not claiming retirement, which is twice a year, I play a spot of hockey.

Here is a copy of my CV

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