A night with Iron Maiden

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When people think about Iron Maiden they usually think of Fear of the Dark, their most commercial hit. After seeing the metal legends live I’ve got a very different association attached to their name.

Iron Maiden have been plying their trade for 40-odd years, depending on the line up. They started playing pubs in a time when punk was preaching anarchy in the streets of East London (not the city in the Eastern Cape of SA). Since then they have mastered the art of heavy metal on a theatrically, large front.

The band played to a cold crowd at the Carnival City gardens and blew every single sock off a dedicated crowd. I remember seeing a brave man with his shirt off sporting an Iron Maiden back tattoo that covered his entire back. This is the commitment that the band has instilled in the fans.

The stage was built to look like an Aztec temple with huge screens on the side and a rolling backdrop for every song that they played. I don’t often say this, but I was blown away by the live performance and theatrics. Bruce Springsteen will always be the best show I’ve ever seen, but Maiden was truly up their. Musically, they were far superior to any band you will see today. The three guitarists (Dave Murray, Adrian Smith & Janick Gers) almost played against one another as if they were trying to outdo one another., with Steve Harris (one of the best bassists in the world) acting as though he was the main act on stage. Over and above all of this, you have Bruce Dickinson singing his lungs out and putting on a show that is second to none.

Overall I’m not a metalhead but I do enjoy it every now and again. Even if you’re not a fan of the rock legends, the show would’ve blown your mind. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen and that’s a big statement.

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