A new beginning

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Up until the closing stages of 2014 I had been writing a blog called Rooinek.co.za. It started out as a platform where I could share my frustrations as a rooinek living in South Africa. Looking back, I really whined a lot and I think that finding negative things to write about took its toll on my love to write. Ultimately, it turned into a chore and I could go for weeks without writing something.

2015 has sparked something in me. I have realised how much I have missed writing and sharing of ideas and intend to get back into it. I have chosen to move away from a name that could have negative political connotations and publish content that I am proud enough to put my name to, my own brand to.

In the future I will concentrate on sharing ideas around topics I love like business and the brands that we deal with every day. No more negative Nancys.

I bid farewell to the rooinek blog and move to grow something even better.

Neil Ian Withers

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