2020, the year of the #sidehustle

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Are you tired of working for the man? Are you thinking about working for yourself and change the world? I think everyone is too and if they haven’t up until this point, 2020 might force them to. 

The new normal they call it. Basically it means that shit has changed and we must get used to it. Small companies in select sectors of the economy are suffering harder than a Manchester United fan in the Moyes era. Having spent much of my life in hockey circles in South Africa, one can only feel sorry for the companies that haven’t been able to sell their wares because the 2020 season was basically written off. If there is anything that 2020 will teach many of us, it is the need for diversifying our income. 

Some sell PPE, others are looking to digital channels to extend their primary business objectives. Some of the people that I am doing work with are turning to eRetail to create the next big service/shop – all very inspiring. 

If you are reading this and you need a website, copyrighting, even some advice then come chat to me and we can see what we can do.