10 covers that you should listen to…now

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Here are my favourite covers from alternative singers (maybe not Ed Sheeran and Passenger). Let me know your thoughts.

  1. Johnny Cash – Hurt

Many tend to think that this is a Johnny Cash original, but was actually written by Trent Reznor from NIN. Despite it being a cover, it really sounds like it was written for the man in black. I remember the first time I saw the video, I was fixated on the screen for the four odd minutes that it lasted.

2. Matt Kearney – Dancing in the dark

This is the second Springsteen song in my top 10 and I’m not ashamed of it. I love this song so much that it that I share my first dance with my wife to it.

3.Passenger – The River

4.Ryan Adams – Down in a hole

I’ve been a big fan of Alice in Chains for some time, but only recently did I find Ryan Adams. The combination of the two is really something else. He also does a great cover of Wasted Years by Iron Maiden.

5.Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

He died too young, a forgotten hero of grunge.

6. 46 and 2 – O’Keefe Music Foundation

The shock of the list. Children singing Tool sounds dodgy, but it really is something spectacular

7.Eddie Vedder – Sitting on the dock of the bay

How could he not be here?

8.Dave Grohl – Tiny dancer

How great was the scene where everyone on the bus sang this in Almost Forgotten? Dave Grohl did well, but nothing could beat that moment. Still love the cover though.

9. Dave Matthews – All along the watchtower

I first watched this song on an old tape my parents had of Woodstock 99 and my gosh it was as good then as it is now. Dave Matthews is a real force in good ol’ fashion foot tapping music.


10-.Boyce avenue -Shimmer

Boyce Avenue are a Youtube sensation, known for covering songs. Its really no surprise for me that I included them, especially seeing their version is better that the original.


Close, but not quite there

Offspring – I wanna be sedated

Ed Sheeran & Passenger – No diggity


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