A weakening rand, lack of confidence from international investors and a general identity crisis for the South African people leads us to wonder if we should still be aspiring to buy brands from around the world Firstly, we need to understand what makes a brand. Brands are made up on tangible elements and the intangible, brand equity if you must. Brand equity is the added value endowed on products and services. It may be reflected in the way consumers think, feel, and act with respect…Continue Reading “Should South Africans still aspire to buy international brands?”

Customer service is tough. It is a very demotivated industry to work in when you hear the gripes, but don’t get the compliments. I thought I would take the time to tell you about the fantastic experience I had with Vodacom. It all starts with a piece of leather. When my Samsung S4 was stolen, I was captivated by the promise of a leather backed LG G4 that was launched overseas, not yet in South Africa. I claimed from insurance and thought it may beneficial…Continue Reading “Vodacom just treated me to a great customer service experience”

A role model of mine recently celebrated his 17 year anniversary at his company. This has led me to wonder if I will ever last that long in one company. The modern employee is not loyal, driven by a sense of self-gratification – so the research tells us. I often laugh at my granny when she worries that I must stay at the same company and be loyal. I want to be judged on my output within my current role and not the hours that…Continue Reading “Will I ever work for the same company for 17 years”

My father was a service manager at Telkom and I always told myself that I would never follow in his footsteps. Here I sit, late in my twenties, as a service manager and I really do enjoy it. A few days ago I was asked, is the nine to five dead and it got me thinking. I have been of the opinion that my generation will see the death of a stereotypical nine to five job. Historically, you came in at a certain time and…Continue Reading “The 9 to 5 will die and what can we do in its wake”

The worldwide coffee giants have recently announced locations for their first stores in South Africa. I’m curious to see the impact that the Seattle-based company will have on South African markets. Anyone that has travelled to America or England will know that Starbucks is pretty much a way of life for the working middle class. It is so popular that things like Macchiatos and other exotic sounding beverages have been very prominent in movies and series. It is no doubt that the company has a…Continue Reading “The curious case of Starbucks in South Africa”

We were promised a different brand of rugby, more running and more dynamic, but it feels like the Blue Bulls are haunted by the class of 2010. What I saw on Saturday worried me and I think that the Blue Bulls might be in for a long season. I picked up on rugby later in life, Matric to be precise. Since then I have celebrated a successful career, having played two games for Taaibos Manskoshuis Onder 20. I’ve since picked up on the passion and…Continue Reading “Have the Bulls marked their intent?”

I was lucky enough to spend the whole day on Sunday, celebrating my beautiful wife’s birthday. The last part of the day was watching FVC at the Atterbury theatre and I was truly blown away by the ex-frontman’s maturity in front of a very civilised crowd. My first exposure to Fokofpolisiekar was seeing a sticker above a door in a koshuis in Stellenbosch in the early 2000s. I heard there was a band by that name, but I hadn’t heard anything by them and I…Continue Reading “The evolution of Francois van Coke”