My wife is a massive fan of 80s music. I tend to enjoy it, but only the more rock focused stuff. You then get music like St Lucia, the stage name for SA-born Jean-Philip Grobler, that blows my mind. This beautiful amalgamation of synths, guitar and catchy lyrics has been in my head for weeks and rightfully so.

A very cool sight to see the SA firefighters landing in Canada as part of international relief for the fires that the North American country is facing. An even better thing to see (and hear) them sing. Not sure what they are singing, but it is something along the lines of them being cold.

When people think about Iron Maiden they usually think of Fear of the Dark, their most commercial hit. After seeing the metal legends live I’ve got a very different association attached to their name. Iron Maiden have been plying their trade for 40-odd years, depending on the line up. They started playing pubs in a time when punk was preaching anarchy in the streets of East London (not the city in the Eastern Cape of SA). Since then they have mastered the art of heavy…Continue Reading “A night with Iron Maiden”

Hockey becomes the National Federation of the Year. A new Hockey Premier League to be formed. #SRSABudget2016 — RSA Min of Sport (@MbalulaFikile) May 6, 2016 On 6 May 2016, Fikile announced that South African hockey would get a substantial financial boost and a national hockey league. Obviously this is fantastic news, but is this the miracle that SAHA has been praying for or the beginning of a headache. A national league would be fantastic, but serious questions need to be answered in the…Continue Reading “How feasible is a national hockey league?”

A weakening rand, lack of confidence from international investors and a general identity crisis for the South African people leads us to wonder if we should still be aspiring to buy brands from around the world Firstly, we need to understand what makes a brand. Brands are made up on tangible elements and the intangible, brand equity if you must. Brand equity is the added value endowed on products and services. It may be reflected in the way consumers think, feel, and act with respect…Continue Reading “Should South Africans still aspire to buy international brands?”

Customer service is tough. It is a very demotivated industry to work in when you hear the gripes, but don’t get the compliments. I thought I would take the time to tell you about the fantastic experience I had with Vodacom. It all starts with a piece of leather. When my Samsung S4 was stolen, I was captivated by the promise of a leather backed LG G4 that was launched overseas, not yet in South Africa. I claimed from insurance and thought it may beneficial…Continue Reading “Vodacom just treated me to a great customer service experience”