Having been an avid sportsman for most of my life, I’ve learned that learning the basics is the basis of not looking like a complete idiot. I’ve played a spot of football and I suffer from a condition where I think I am infinitely better than I am, but I was taught the basics and so I am not a complete plonker on the field. Your customer care basics need to be sound so you can take the first step to serving your customer, regardless…Continue Reading “Customer care – get the basics right”

They, some experts, tend to say you must write what you know. I know that 2016 was rough. The list of dead celebrities was long and it seems that the personal struggles of those around me were intense. I’m not one to complain, but it was difficult not to. Thanks to everyone, especially Eloise, that gave me strength in 2016 and here’s to a great (slightly late) 2017.

A few years ago a friend of mine, Matt Castleman, passed away. His nickname, a name many knew him by, was Juvi. It came from the shortening of Juvenile, a name given to him when he started playing first team hockey at such a young age. Yesterday, at the Caltex on Beyers Naude, I was served by another Juvenile. He was well-spoken and even took the time to tell me his thoughts on the #feesmustfall protests (his words weren’t kind). It’s small things in life that…Continue Reading “Juvenile, the petrol attendant”

The receptionist at our office brought her daughter to work. For some reason, the little cutie loves me. Every now and again, she will come and chat to me or insist on stamping my hand with the visitor’s stamp. I enjoy her antics, but every now and again I need to do some actual work. Not always easy to get hold of children that have got their attention on you. I figured out she hates photos. A useful tool to have.

The fees must fall debacle highlights a very serious problem with South African thinking, everything we do is done in isolation without a bigger picture. Without diving into the noise that is #feesmustfall, there is a real need for the bigger picture in South Africa. Economists would argue that there may be enough money in the piggy bank to fund tertiary education in South Africa, but is there anyone at the top telling us if it’s the right approach? It’s clear to me that there…Continue Reading “#thinkinginisolationmustfall”

For regular readers of my blog and fans of my thoughts (dad and wife), you would know that I am an avid fan of hockey. Don’t get me mistaken, I’m not claiming to be a good hockey player. The talent I once had has all but withered (pun intended) along with my speed and eyesight. I am a fanboy of the sport that I have spent most of my life playing. For those who don’t know, Riverside Elite Club Challenge is an annual event where…Continue Reading “A weekend at Riverside (#gecc2016)”