If you have a friend that plays hockey, you’ve probably seen a petition going around demanding that the South African hockey teams be sent to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games . The petition failed despite 16,316 people signing. The question is where to next. It all seems a bit familiar, doesn’t it? Charles Smith said “This decision means the world to the game of hockey in South Africa,” when South Africa was granted the final qualification place for the 2004 Olympics, held in Greece….Continue Reading “If not Rio, where to next for South African hockey.”

Since moving jobs just over a year ago I still find myself struggling to adapt to the vague dress code. I come from a banking environment where I would often feel guilty for not wearing a suit every day. Ties were standard and racy footwear for a guy was a square toe. I often would hide in the kitchen to avoid the global head of banking when I was wearing coloured socks. Now I find myself in a technology company where the dress code is…Continue Reading “The Dress Code conundrum”

Pretoria has a new obsession, weekend markets. Artisan markets seem to be sprouting up everywhere. Here are a few that I am enjoying. Irene Market (Irene) Hazel Food Market (Menlo Park) Market on Main Pretoria (CBD) Moreleta Village Market (Moreleta Park) Serene Market (Menlyn) Capital Urban Market (Menlyn) The Stall (Southdowns) These cool markets indicate a few things to me. Entrepreneurship is on the rise – More and more citizen are taking to the markets to sell their wares as a side project. More vendors…Continue Reading “Pretoria’s obsession with a market”

I’m into gadgets and technology, so much so that I often wonder why my wife agreed to marry me. Now I’m not saying that I’m trying to make robots and stuff, but I’m still a bit of a nerd. I’ve been following the 3D printing revolution with a keen eye and I’ve been wondering, why we can’t print a hockey stick in South Africa. I love hockey, always have, and I’ve been interested in the business side of the sport for a while. See the…Continue Reading “Printing a hockey stick: When will this become a thing?”

I love technology, it really is something that I have a real inkling towards. What better way to celebrate this love than to write all about it. I first heard of Chromecast a few years back, but it was only when I started my new job that I started to understand it. Chromecast, put simply, allows you to “cast” video from your phone to your TV. It is a small dongle that plugs into an HDMI slot and is USB powered, so atheistically it ticks…Continue Reading “Chromecast review”